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5 Ways We’re Innovating the Digital Experience for Claims Professionals

Claims professionals have long been the frontline of claims management – this has not changed. What has changed is just about everything else.
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The Long Haul: Chronic Health Complications of COVID-19

Those previously infected by coronavirus may face long-term health complications, potentially complicating workers' comp claims
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2021 Industry Insights Survey Report

We surveyed 600+ workers’ comp professionals on the biggest industry disruptors and priorities.
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Minnesota Proposes PTSD Treatment Guidelines

Beyond compensability, Minnesota considers rules for evaluation, treatment planning, acceptable psychotherapies, and more.

Dec 2019

Healthe in the Media

Workers’ comp publications cover Healthesystems content surrounding aging physicians, successful return-to-work programs, and more.

Dec 2019

Recalls Impacting Workers’ Comp

A previous gastrointestinal drug recall expands, while a new recall for an anxiety drug is issued.

Nov 2019

Rehabilitating Your Rehab Program: Better Metrics for Physical Medicine

How more dynamic data can illuminate program performance to empower care delivery

Nov 2019

HHS Publishes Opioid Tapering and Discontinuation Guideline

The guideline covers a wide range of relevant topics, including pain, dosing, dangerous co-prescribing, comorbidities, and more.

Nov 2019

More States Scrutinize Gig Economy Classifications

Shortly after California made strides on employee classification for gig economy jobs, New Jersey and New York have taken action.

Nov 2019

The Economic Impact of Non-Medical Opioid Use

The Society of Actuaries published a report that claims the economic burden of the opioid epidemic was $631 billion from 2015-2018.

Nov 2019

By the Numbers

A collection of workers’ compensation facts and figures

State of the States

A roundup of regulatory activity around the country

Rehabilitating Your Rehab Program

How more dynamic data can illuminate program performance, empowering decisions for better outcomes

Better Care = Lower Costs

Ten tips that can help claims professionals keep patients safe and prevent costly complications

When Demand Exceeds Supply: Older Patients and Fewer Physicians in Workers' Comp

The looming physician shortage and how to meet the challenge in workers' comp

Questioning Costs: A Field Guide to Fee Schedules

Understanding how prices are set for medical equipment and services, and how to scrutinize those costs

Painting by Numbers: Workers' Comp Drug Costs in Broad Strokes

High-level trends in healthcare drug spending and utilization in workers? comp

Focus on Care and the Savings Will Come

A message from the Chief Executive Officer

Multiple Companies Recall Ranitidine Hydrochloride Due to Contamination

Indicated for various gastrointestinal concerns, these recalls could impact certain workers’ comp patients.

Oct 2019

Clearing the Air: Marijuana Considerations for Workers’ Comp

A new white paper explores clinical, legislative, workplace safety, and PBM considerations surrounding marijuana.

Oct 2019

Social Determinants of Health

PwC explores how social factors impact chronic health conditions.

Oct 2019

California Gig Law to Reclassify Contractors as Employees

This reclassification will entitle millions of workers to benefits previously withheld, including workers’ comp.

Oct 2019

Healthesystems at NWCDC 2019

Join Healthesystems at booth #1922, at an educational presentation, or by taking our industry survey with Risk & Insurance.

Oct 2019

FDA Postpones Opioid Approval Decision

NKTR-181 (loxicodegol) was to receive an approval decision by August 29th, but a reevaluation of opioid policy has resulted in a delay.

Sep 2019

Robert Goldberg and Silvia Sacalis Discuss Workplace Fatigue with Risk & Insurance

Healthesystems’ clinical leaders speak to mitigation strategies to reduce workplace injuries stemming from fatigue.

Sep 2019

California Publishes One-Year Report on Workers’ Comp Formulary

The utilization of opioids, compounds, and physician-dispensed medications have significantly decreased.

Sep 2019

DEA to Improve Access to Marijuana Research

Proposed changes to who can grow and research marijuana will soon be available for public commentary.

Sep 2019

Johnson & Johnson to Pay $572 Million in Opioid Trial

An Oklahoma judge found the drug maker to be partially responsible for the harm of the opioid epidemic.

Sep 2019

Three Insights from WOHC 2019

Healthesystems’ Chief Medical Officer explores trends impacting workers’ comp, including patient engagement, population health, and more.

Sep 2019

FDA Approves First Lyrica Generics

Nine generic versions of Lyrica (pregabalin) have been approved for the treatment of five different medical conditions.

Aug 2019

Healthesystems AVP of Advocacy & Compliance Named Finalist for Comp Laude Award

Sandy Shtab has been recognized for making significant contributions to the workers’ comp industry.

Aug 2019

FAIR Health Publishes Telemedicine Report

Looking at over 29 billion private health claims, this study found that claim lines related to telehealth rose 624% from 2014-2018.

Aug 2019

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