Centralized Claims

Healthesystems’ technological platform provides a new managed care experience compared with others on the market. Our fully integrated, open platform helps our customers connect, manage, monitor, measure and adjust across the spectrum of medical products and services involved in an injured worker’s care.  
Connect to multiple medical services, products and interventions within a single platform
Monitor claim activity in real-time
Manage referrals and authorizations across pharmacy and ancillary medical benefits
Measure performance at individual vendor and program levels

Vertice Claims Portal

Workflow for claims staff is presented via Vertice, Healthesystems’ web-based claims portal. Vertice is a centralized resource for claims professionals — a single source of real-time information about pharmacy and ancillary medical benefits claims activities. It allows claims professionals to perform real-time referrals, authorizations, referral tracking, report generation and more across the services and vendors connected to our platform. 

Research-Driven Design

Components of our Vertice claims portal have recently been optimized based on direct insights from user research studies we have conducted with our customers, with the goal of creating an even more simplified and efficient experience. It is a tool designed for claims professionals, with claims professionals.
Customizable user preferences help claims staff prioritize information
Embedded clinical guidance when and where it’s needed
Intuitive dashboard view and step-by-step, narrative workflows