Actionable Analytics

Healthesystems transforms disparate data into insightful information that:

Delivers program, population, and patient-level insights
Shapes program customization to account for customer and population needs
patient characteristics indicative of future risk
Drives continuous quality improvement
Provides ongoing monitoring for opportunities to improve program effectiveness
Informs clinical decision support and intervention opportunities
Integrates pharmacy and ancillary medical data across patient populations
Simplifies claims complexities and processes

Data Challenges in Workers’ Comp

of industry stakeholders want more visibility into patient medical records
of information in medical records is unstructured data
of claims professionals have difficulty obtaining needed information from medical providers
The fragmented workers’ comp healthcare system isolates relevant information and obscures a complete view of patients and populations. You’ve probably seen it – the most routine claim somehow escalates, often because many crucial details are buried within the clinical records throughout a patient’s care continuum, including:
Medication history
Physician notes
Home health records
Patients’ attitudes and behaviors
Physical medicine treatment notes
Lab results
Urine drug screen results
Performance and actions of providers, vendors and others who interact with patients

Actionable Analytics

Data Insights to Drive Action

At Healthesystems, we turn data into meaningful insights and provide clear visibility into the information you need to make decisions. By leveraging smart technologies, we standardize data from multiple sources, including claims, provider, and vendor records, and then extract the key data elements that provide insight and context to clinical and claims complexities.
of Healthesystems’ clinical interventions are derived from unstructured medical data

Advanced Data Processing

Using artificial intelligence and machine learning tools to process large amounts of data, we:

Auto-segment the claimant population

Identify and quantify risk

Leverage data to drive automation and route relevant information

We provide enhanced data that supports human intervention and decision making processes by extracting the most impactful information from all available records within patient population and presenting it clearly and in context.

Uniquely Relevant Data Store

Healthesystems’ store of data is unmatched in value due to our:

Uniquely detailed collection of workers’ compensation medical data

Ability to fully integrate treatment details across pharmacy and multiple ancillary services

Visibility into related medical activity
Our integrated store of data expands access to information beyond billing transactions to address clinical service quality and health outcomes. We make it possible to manage all aspects of PBM & ABM programs, providing new opportunities for better clinical management and cost containment.

Helpful Visualization & Guidance

The days of running reports and sifting through data to glean insights are in the past. Healthesystems is delivering new ways for our customers to consume and visualize information that is:






We also provide expert guidance on how to apply it. Our teams will sit down with you to add context and provide recommendations for managing individual claims and patient populations, as well as achieving your strategic objectives.

By leveraging insightful data across our entire service delivery, we shine a light on the hidden risks that can mean the difference between a rapid return to work or a complex claim.