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Healthesystems' clinicians, data analysts, compliance officers, and business leaders are at the forefront of the issues and events that affect the workers’ compensation and healthcare industries.
Drawing on their expertise and insights, Healthesystems produces and publishes a variety of educational resources that help workers' compensation professionals stay informed and gain a deeper understanding of:
New drugs and other pharmacological updates
Medical equipment and service developments
Population demographics
Regulatory and policy news
Business, industry, and cultural trends


Award-winning journal providing in-depth analysis on today’s most important topics

The Real Promise of Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare and Workers’ Comp

Potential applications, benefits, pitfalls, questions, and the matter of regulation
Winter 2023/2024

The Mind-Body Connection: Exploring the Relationship Between Injury and Mental Health

Physical injuries are often accompanied by mental health disorders such as depression, increasing workers’ comp claim costs and delaying recovery
Winter 2023/2024

Changing Minds? Unlocking the Potential of Psychedelics in Mental Health Therapy

Explore the growing interest in research around psychedelic substances for medical applications related to workers' comp populations, including but not limited to: psilocybin, ketamine, MDMA
Winter 2023/2024

Workers' Comprehensive

Monthly e-newsletter covering news stories relevant to workers’ compensation

FDA Evaluates Report of Suicidal Thoughts with GLP-1 Inhibitors

While no clear link is established to these obesity and diabetes drugs, the FDA will continue to monitor data.
Feb 2024

2024 Workers’ Comp Industry Insights Survey Report

This sixth annual survey report highlights the top challenges and priorities of 500 industry professionals.
Feb 2024

U.S. Department of Labor Issues Final Rule on Worker Classification

The rule clarifies differences between employees and contractors, establishing who is entitled to benefits – including workers’ comp.
Feb 2024

Clinical Guidance

“Clinical Minute” videos and other helpful resources from our clinical experts

Florida Publishes 2020 COVID-19 Report

A report on claim data up to July 31st.
Aug 2020

FDA Nixes Certain COVID-19 Antibody Tests

This announcement impacts 31 antibody tests.
May 2020

Saliva Test with At-Home Collection Authorized

Saliva samples collected at-home must be sent to the designated lab.
May 2020
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