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5 Tips to Help Workers’ Comp Payers Optimize IT Resources

The insurance sector is experiencing an IT talent shortage. How can workers’ comp payers optimize the IT resources they already have?
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Things Change: The Growing Diversity of Pharmacy Cost Drivers

Smaller, more niche drug trends across different populations and geographies
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2023 Industry Insights Survey Report

We surveyed 500+ workers’ comp professionals on the biggest industry disruptors and priorities
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California State Fund Establishes Two New Funds for COVID-19

$25 million each for essential worker and essential business support funds.

Apr 2020

NCCI Explores Economic Impacts of COVID-19 on Workers’ Comp

Information on layoffs, shutdowns, access to care, and more.

Apr 2020

FDA Diagnostic Testing Updates

The FDA is working to expedite the delivery of diagnostic testing for COVID-19.

Apr 2020

New York Postpones Formulary Deadlines

Providers receive more time in light of system disruptions due to COVID-19

Apr 2020

Louisiana Issues Emergency Prescription Rules

Emergency rules expiring April 13th expanded indefinitely.

Apr 2020

An Update from Our CEO Daryl Corr

A message from Healthesystems leadership.

Apr 2020

COVID-19 Updates from the FDA

New developments with diagnostic testing and the use of chloroquine and hydroxychloroquine.

Apr 2020

Kentucky Renews Order Expanding Pharmacist Powers

These provisions expire May 8, 2020, but may be regularly renewed as necessary.

Apr 2020

Sandy Shtab: Regulatory Acceleration in Response to COVID-19

Healthesystems’ AVP of Advocacy & Compliance discusses regulatory action related to COVID-19 with WorkCompWire.

Apr 2020

Conference Cancellations Across the Country

With mass gatherings discouraged or temporarily outlawed, many conferences have been canceled or converted to digital formats.

Apr 2020

Could Convalescent Plasma Treat COVID-19?

The FDA, JAMA, and others think blood from those who recovered from COVID-19 could benefit those with the illness.

Apr 2020

More States Make COVID-19 Compensable in Workers’ Comp

With frontline workers at risk, states are expanding coverage to healthcare workers, first responders, and other frontline workers.

Apr 2020

Silvia Sacalis: 3 Evolving Clinical Trends in Workers’ Comp

Healthesystems’ VP of Clinical Services discusses population trends, non-opioid pain therapies, and comorbidities with WorkCompWire.

Apr 2020

California Works to Track COVID-19 Claims

The WCIRB is partnering with workers’ comp organizations across the country

Mar 2020

Montana Delays Drug Formulary for Legacy Claims

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, the state issued a delay in adherence.

Mar 2020

FDA Addresses Manufacturing Disruptions

Will disruptions in manufacturing result in drug shortages?

Mar 2020

NSAID Use and COVID-19

FDA investigates claims that NSAID use could aggravate COVID-19 symptoms.

Mar 2020

COVID-19 and Clinical Trials

COVID-19 drug trials are underway, but the pandemic is disrupting clinical testing.

Mar 2020

WCIO Updates Injury Description Tables

Cause Code 83 for Pandemic and Nature Code 83 for COVID-19 will impact future reporting for claims impacted by coronavirus.

Mar 2020

Keep Track of COVID-19 Developments

Healthesystems has created a developments webpage to track updates impacting workers’ comp.

Mar 2020

FDA Approves Two Migraine Drugs and Two NSAIDs

Anjeso and a new Advil formulation target pain, while Nurtec™ and Vyepti™ target migraines.

Mar 2020

2020 Workers’ Comp Industry Insights Survey

Healthesystems collaborated with Risk & Insurance to survey 669 workers’ comp professionals on top trends and challenges.

Mar 2020

JAMA Compares Effectiveness of Treatment Pathways for Opioid Use Disorder

A study of 41,000 adults finds that only treatment with buprenorphine or methadone reduced risk of overdose.

Mar 2020

Embracing Telehealth in Reaction to COVID-19

Several state workers’ comp programs are relaxing telehealth rules to promote social distancing.

Mar 2020

Sandy Shtab Featured in IAIABC Member Spotlight

Healthesystems’ AVP of Advocacy & Compliance discusses industry challenges, special initiatives, and more in a video spotlight.

Mar 2020

FDA Approves Diazepam Nasal Spray and Fast Tracks New Drug for Spinal Cord Injury

A new seizure drug has been approved, and a nerve growth drug advances in clinical trials.

Feb 2020

4 Regulatory Trends to Watch Out for in 2020

What will 2020 hold for marijuana acceptance, employee misclassification, formularies, and AI?

Feb 2020

WCIRB Publishes Physical Medicine Report

An analysis of 1.5 million claims found early physical therapy lowers odds of opioid use by 14%.

Feb 2020

Marijuana Bills Could Create Protections for Employment Discrimination

Testing positive for marijuana use could one day no longer prohibit employment.

Feb 2020

An Opioid Snapshot for 2020

With a flurry of opioid developments lately, what does the big picture look like?

Feb 2020

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