Digital Capabilities That Inform, Empower, and Engage

In workers’ compensation, the course of a claim is determined by the stakeholders who touch it the most: the injured worker and the claims professional. They are both there every step of the way, walking through the complex and often daunting workers’ comp process. At Healthesystems, we aim to make this process better by providing an informed, connected, and simplified digital experience for injured workers and their claims teams.

In a world inundated with portals, platforms, and apps, we know that user experience is key to garnering greater adoption. A positive user experience translates to a positive claims experience, which means claims professionals can more efficiently do their jobs and injured workers can more easily get on the road to recovery and back to work.

Empowering Injured Workers to Engage in Their Care

We know that injured workers can find it confusing to navigate the workers’ comp system. In fact, industry professionals and injured workers themselves cite this as a major barrier to recovery. Injured workers need the right information, right at their fingertips, to become engaged in their own care. Our mobile capabilities – from simple text messaging to a robust mobile app – give them an easy way to find information and communicate with claims teams.

Through our mobile app, we empower injured workers to access their benefits information, important documents, and helpful tools right in their smartphones in real time. It’s a digital experience that meets today’s communication preferences and brings injured workers out of the fax age. Injured workers can even customize their experience, from choosing preferred methods of communication to preferred languages.
We create an exceptional experience for injured workers by:
Enabling real-time communication with claims teams through text and email messaging
Improving ease and speed of paperwork completion through electronic document exchange
Allowing easy access to information through pharmacy/provider search and appointment tracking

Empowering Claims Professionals to Make Efficient Decisions

Today more than ever, it is a priority to provide solutions that will support front-line claims staff in the management of workers’ compensation services. Claims staff face tremendous workloads with ever-increasing challenges, and they need solutions that reduce their burden and provide effective clinical and cost-saving guidance.

Through Verticē, our web-based claims portal, we provide a centralized resource with visibility into all aspects of an injured worker’s medical care – from prescription drug activity to the range of ancillary medical products and services being utilized on the claim. We empower claims professionals to perform real-time referrals, authorizations, referral tracking, report generation, and more across the services and vendors connected to our platform.

The Verticē experience enables claims professionals to:

Quickly action medical referral and authorization activity with intuitive step-by-step workflows
Easily prioritize information with customizable user preferences
Confidently make decisions with right-time embedded clinical guidance

An Integrated Digital Experience for All

Through our digital engagement solutions, claims professionals and injured workers can communicate directly with one another in a seamless, integrated experience.

Using our mobile app, injured workers can complete documents and send messages to claims teams. In turn, claims professionals can easily access this information and use it to build relationships with injured workers by providing outreach and intervention. For example, they can prompt the scheduling of appointments or check in to see how the injured worker is feeling.
The benefits of an integrated digital experience can include:
Less unnecessary phone calls and patient confusion
Improved patient satisfaction and engagement
Less attorney involvement
Better patient outcomes