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Novel Migraine Agents: What is Their Place in Injured Worker Therapy?

While these drugs offer relief for migraine sufferers, what are the efficacy and cost considerations for injured workers?
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Ask a Clinician: What Do I need to Know About DME Trends?

Healthesystems clinicians tackle questions about Durable Medical Equipment (DME).
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2024 Industry Survey Report

This sixth annual survey report highlights the top challenges and priorities of 500 industry professionals.
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FDA Approves Two New Strengths of Apadaz

The opioid prodrug for acute pain will soon be available in both a stronger and weaker dose.

Jan 2019

What’s Ahead for 2019 Workers’ Comp Regulations

As 2018’s legislative trends continue to spill into 2019, what big initiatives might impact workers’ comp this year?

Jan 2019

JAMA Examines Association of Early Physical Therapy with Long-Term Opioid Use

An analysis of 90,000 private claims explores the relationship between early PT and reduced long-term opioid use in musculoskeletal pain.

Jan 2019

The Legality of Self-Referrals

Can doctors in certain states refer patients to pharmacies which they partially own?

Jan 2019

The Buzz Behind Digital Therapeutics

Will doctors one day prescribe apps meant to drive behavior changes instead of drugs?

Jan 2019

FDA Approves First Prescription App for Opioid Use Disorder

The reSET-O app uses cognitive behavioral therapy techniques to assist patients engaged in medication-assisted therapy for opioid dependence.

Dec 2018

Hero’s Welcome: Growing PTSD Coverage for First Responders

Formulary and claims management considerations for populations at risk for “mental-only” cases of PTSD.

Dec 2018

New Guidelines for Opioid-Induced Constipation

The American Gastroenterological Association released guidance on properly prescribing medications for OIC.

Dec 2018

Marijuana Use Rising Among Older Populations

Marijuana use among adults aged 50-64 tripled from 2002-2014.

Dec 2018

In Case You Missed It: 5 Takeaways on Value-Based Models in Work Comp

Dr. Silvia Sacalis of Healthesystems teamed up with Dr. Adam Seidner of The Hartford for a session at NWCDC – here are 5 key takeaways.

Dec 2018

By the Numbers

A collection of workers’ compensation facts and figures

Winter 2018/2019

State of the States

A roundup of regulatory activity around the country

Winter 2018/2019

Myth Busters: Medical Marijuana Edition

Our clinicians answer common questions from claims professionals

Winter 2018/2019

Perspectives: Status Woe - Outdated Regulation Impedes Healthcare Innovation

Industry thought leaders share their insights

Winter 2018/2019

Shifting Gears in Patient Transportation with Rideshare

How rideshare models like Lyft and Uber can reduce costs and improve patient experience

Winter 2018/2019

Patient Engagement Is Personal: How to Help Injured Workers Help Themselves

Strategies for increasing patient engagement in recovery and associated outcomes

Winter 2018/2019

Opioid Imbalance: Risk Disparities Among Diverse Patient Populations

Population-based opioid risks include gender, socioeconomic status, and ethnicity

Winter 2018/2019

The Opioids Crisis: Our Defining Moment

Special commentary on the opioid crisis from our clinical leaders

Winter 2018/2019

Hero's Welcome: Growing PTSD Coverage for First Responders

Formulary and claims management considerations for populations at risk for PTSD

Winter 2018/2019

FDA Approves New Opioid, Dsuvia

Five-to-ten times stronger than fentanyl, this drug is not for consumer use, and many claim it could worsen the opioid crisis.

Nov 2018

The Opioid Crisis: Our Defining Moment

Healthesystems’ clinical leaders comment on the collective responsibility of healthcare entities, providers, and legislators to increase efforts that will help stem opioid overprescribing, misuse and overdose.

Nov 2018

Midterm Marijuana Updates

More states allow for the legalization of recreational and medical marijuana, while others consider insurance reimbursement.

Nov 2018

JAMA Examines Persistent Opioid Use in Workers’ Comp Patients

A study of 9,596 claimants who filled an opioid prescription found that 30% were still taking opioids 90 days later.

Nov 2018

Healthesystems at NWCDC 2018

Join our VP of Clinical Services on December 6th in Las Vegas for a presentation on value-based care in workers’ comp.

Nov 2018

DEA Reschedules Epidiolex

The marijuana-derived seizure drug now sits at schedule V, facing far fewer prescribing and dispensing restrictions.

Oct 2018

Dr. Silvia Sacalis Discusses Medication Red Flags with Risk & Insurance

Healthesystems’ VP of Clinical Services offers insight into prescriptions in workers’ comp claims that should raise concerns.

Oct 2018

New Jersey Bill Pushes for Medical Marijuana Reimbursement

Assembly No. 4505 may solidify precedence recently made by a judge from the Division of Workers’ Compensation.

Oct 2018

National Safety Council Issues Report on Workplace Fatigue

Common risk factors can increase worker fatigue, leading to more frequent workplace injuries and a loss of productivity.

Oct 2018

Federal Opioid Reform Bill Signed into Law

With an enormous range of initiatives to prevent and treat opioid use disorder, the bill has officially been signed by the President.

Oct 2018

FDA Approves New Dosage for Opioid Dependence Therapy

Cassipa (buprenorphine and naloxone) sublingual film delivers a new dosage for the treatment of opioid dependence.

Sep 2018

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