An up-to-date timeline of U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approvals that could potentially impact workers' compensation. These include new drug and indication approvals, new dosages or formulations of existing products, and generics introduced to the market. Click through the interactive timeline below, or select the comprehensive list view.
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MedAlert Tag: Opioid

CDC Proposes Changing Opioid Guidelines

February 10, 2022

The CDC announced proposed draft updates to the Clinical Practice Guideline for Prescribing Opioids. This draft notice is available to the public and can be commented on until April 11, 2022. The CDC’s opioid guidelines have shaped opioid prescribing policies over the last few years. Changes to these guidelines could impact prescribing behaviors, especially as several states across the country base their treatment guidelines on the CDC’s regulations.

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FDA Warns About Dental Problems with Buprenorphine Medicines Dissolved in Mouth

January 12, 2022

The FDA is warning that dental problems have been reported with medicines containing buprenorphine that are dissolved in the mouth. Dental problems, including tooth decay, cavities, oral infections, and loss of teeth, can be serious and have been reported even in patients with no history of dental issues. Buprenorphine is used to treat pain as well as to help individuals with opioid use disorder (OUD) reduce opioid use. A new warning for dental problems will be added to drug labels.

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