Industry Insights

Healthesystems' clinicians, data analysts, compliance officers, and business leaders are at the forefront of the issues and events that affect the workers’ compensation and healthcare industries.
Drawing on their expertise and insights, Healthesystems produces and publishes a variety of educational resources that help workers' compensation professionals stay informed and gain a deeper understanding of:
New drugs and other pharmacological updates
Medical equipment and service developments
Population demographics
Regulatory and policy news
Business, industry, and cultural trends


Award-winning journal providing in-depth analysis on today’s most important topics

Stepping Up to Take on Pandemic Ripple Effects

A message from the Chief Executive Officer

Classification Complications: Will Gig Workers Enter the Workers’ Comp Market?

Legislation could reclassify gig workers as employees, which could entitle them to benefits

Workers' Comprehensive

Monthly e-newsletter covering news stories relevant to workers’ compensation

NCCI Reports on Return-to-Work Strategies

Carriers share their thoughts on successful RTW programs.
Apr 2022

FDA Approves Fleqsuvy for Spasticity

A new muscle relaxant for the treatment of spasticity, including from spinal cord injuries.
Mar 2022

2022 Workers’ Comp Industry Insights Survey Report

Nearly 500 stakeholders share their thoughts on industry challenges and priorities.
Mar 2022

Clinical Guidance

“Clinical Minute” videos and other helpful resources from our clinical experts

COVID-19 and Clinical Trials

COVID-19 drug trials are underway, but the pandemic is disrupting clinical testing.
Mar 2020
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