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5 Ways We’re Innovating the Digital Experience for Claims Professionals

Claims professionals have long been the frontline of claims management – this has not changed. What has changed is just about everything else.
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The Long Haul: Chronic Health Complications of COVID-19

Those previously infected by coronavirus may face long-term health complications, potentially complicating workers' comp claims
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2021 Industry Insights Survey Report

We surveyed 600+ workers’ comp professionals on the biggest industry disruptors and priorities.
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Mobile Technology Is on Workers’ Comp Experts’ Minds: Here Are 3 Reasons They’re Right

Kristine Kennedy, SVP of Product Strategy and Innovation, talks to Risk & Insurance®

Jan 2021

COVID-19’s Impact on Opioid Prescribing Trends

A new report from IQVIA found that national MME dropped 17% from 2019 to 2020.

Jan 2021

Worker Classification Debate Continues Across the Country

The Department of Labor issued a new rule while special interest groups push for regulatory change.

Jan 2021

The Department of Justice Sues Walmart Over Role in Opioid Crisis

Alleged violations of the Controlled Substances Act could result in billions of dollars in penalties.

Jan 2021

Top 10 Disruptors of 2020 for the Workers’ Comp Industry

Initial insights from Healthesystems’ annual industry survey.

Jan 2021

4 Workers’ Comp Trends to Watch in 2021

Healthesystems is watching four major trends in workers' comp.

Jan 2021

FDA Authorizes Two COVID-19 Vaccines, At-Home Test, More Treatments

Vaccine candidates from Pfizer-BioNTech and Moderna received EUAs, as did the first at-home test that delivers results in 30 minutes, and two treatments for the virus.

Dec 2020

The Patient Experience in Perspective: Applying Empathy to the Work Comp Claims Process

Navigating the workers’ comp process can be daunting for patients, and empathy can go a long way in improving outcomes.

Dec 2020

IQVIA Reports on Telemedicine Trends and Opportunities

A new report explores how COVID-19 has impacted telemedicine, as well as opportunities for expansion.

Dec 2020

New York Prepares to Launch New Claim Portal

Stakeholders will soon experience a streamlined digital process for managing claims.

Dec 2020

Dr. Robert Goldberg Discusses Congressional Marijuana Vote with WorkersCompensation.com

Healthesystems’ Chief Medical Officer comments on the U.S. House’s approval of marijuana decriminalization.

Dec 2020

FDA Approves Veklury for COVID-19, Issues EUA for Bamlanivimab

Veklury is approved for hospitalized patients, while bamlanivimab is being investigated in mild-to-moderate cases of COVID-19.

Nov 2020

The Patient Experience in Perspective: Applying Empathy to the Work Comp Claims Process

Understanding patients’ pain points with comp can lead to insights that improve program outcomes

Side Effects: COVID-19-Related Healthcare and Pharmacy Trends Impacting Workers’ Comp

The pandemic has disrupted access to care, but the industry has implemented reactive measures

Returning to Work in the COVID-19 Era

Considerations for infection prevention, unique population factors, and more

Moving Forward: How Should Opioid Guidance Continue to Evolve?

Opioid use has decreased, prompting calls for reform, but COVID-19 complicates opioid use

Legalization and Decriminalization: Marijuana and More

Across the nation, not only is marijuana growing more accepted, but so are other drugs like psilocybin and MDMA.

Nov 2020

COVID-19 Infection Risks and Mental Health Impact Among Grocery Workers

Direct customer exposure is associated with a five-fold risk of infection, while less social distancing in the workplace is tied to depression and anxiety.

Nov 2020

California Voters Keep Rideshare Drivers as Independent Contractors

The election saw passage of a measure to exempt rideshare drivers from employee status, impacting benefits and more.

Nov 2020

State of the States

A roundup of regulatory activity around the country

Healthesystems at NWCDC 2020

Join our VP of Clinical Services, Silvia Sacalis, for a digital presentation on employing empathy within workers’ comp programs on December 9th!

Nov 2020

By the Numbers

A collection of workers’ compensation facts and figures

FDA Requires Boxed Warning Update for Benzodiazepines

Even at recommended doses, benzodiazepine use can lead to misuse, abuse, and addiction.

Oct 2020

3 Stakeholder Research Findings That Can Improve Patient Experience and Program Outcomes

User research indicates that patients face difficulty with the intake process, getting key claim information, and more.

Oct 2020

Purdue, OxyContin Manufacturer, Loses Federal Case and Will Shut Down

The drug manufacturer is pleading guilty and paying out billions.

Oct 2020

California COVID-19 Report

COVID-19 claim data through October 5th has been captured and broken down by industry, age, region, and more.

Oct 2020

Celebrating American Pharmacists Month

Learn how our pharmacists make a difference for injured worker patients, and what drives their hard work

Oct 2020

3 Stakeholder Research Findings That Can Improve Patient Experience and Program Outcomes

When developing effective claims programs for workers’ comp, a finely tuned user researchprocess is a crucial tool in ensuring that stakeholders across the board all benefit from the solutions that are implemented.

Oct 2020

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