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5 Tips to Help Workers’ Comp Payers Optimize IT Resources

The insurance sector is experiencing an IT talent shortage. How can workers’ comp payers optimize the IT resources they already have?
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Things Change: The Growing Diversity of Pharmacy Cost Drivers

Smaller, more niche drug trends across different populations and geographies
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2023 Industry Insights Survey Report

We surveyed 500+ workers’ comp professionals on the biggest industry disruptors and priorities
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FDA Considers Requiring Mail-Back Envelopes for Opioid Prescriptions

The public comment period is underway for this action, which could help with safer drug disposal.

May 2022

Silvia Sacalis to Join Panel Presentation at PRIMA 2022

Healthe’s VP of Clinical Services will join a discussion on post-COVID lessons for workers’ comp.

May 2022

Phase 2 Trials for Non-Opioid Pain Medication Deliver Promising Results

VX-548 delivered significant improvements in pain with few adverse events.

Apr 2022

Out of Balance: Workforce Gender Disparities and What They Mean for Workers’ Comp

Women workers were more adversely impacted by the pandemic and the recession.

Apr 2022

Positive Marijuana Drug Screenings Reach All Time High

Quest Diagnostics reports increased positivity rates for marijuana in employee drug screenings.

Apr 2022

FDA Authorizes Second COVID-19 Booster Dose for Special Populations

Adults aged 50 and older and immunocompromised individuals may receive a second booster dose.

Apr 2022

NCCI Reports on Return-to-Work Strategies

Carriers share their thoughts on successful RTW programs.

Apr 2022

Moving Past the Pandemic: Setting a Future Focus

A message from the Chief Executive Officer

Summer 2022

In Harm’s Way: The Impact of Violence in Workers’ Comp

Types of violence that can impact workers’ comp

Summer 2022

The Cannabis Question: Marijuana and Workplace Safety?

With greater legalization and public approval, the question of safety grows more important.

Summer 2022

Out of Stock: Medical Supply Chain Shortages Impacting Workers’ Comp

Ancillary medical product and service shortages and how to manage them.

Summer 2022

Social Influencers: The Role of Social Determinants of Health in Injured Worker Recovery

Gaining visibility into Social Determinants of Health that intersect with workplace injury and recovery

Summer 2022

Giving Notice: How Workforce Attrition Impacts Workers’ Comp

Millions of workers are changing occupations, leading to ripple effects for comp.

Summer 2022

FDA Approves Fleqsuvy for Spasticity

A new muscle relaxant for the treatment of spasticity, including from spinal cord injuries.

Mar 2022

2022 Workers’ Comp Industry Insights Survey Report

Nearly 500 stakeholders share their thoughts on industry challenges and priorities.

Mar 2022

Changing Workforce, Claims Automation and Tech Connectivity Among Top Priorities in 2022 Industry Survey

The priorities and challenges revealed in our 2022 Workers’ Compensation Industry Insights Survey Report reflect an industry focused on moving forward.

Mar 2022

CDC to Update Opioid Guideline

Proposed changes are open to public comment until April 11th.

Mar 2022

First Responder PTSD Bills Return to the Forefront

After a drop in activity due to the pandemic, five states are now considering legislation.

Mar 2022

Five Things to Know About Workers’ Compensation Pharmacy Services

Healthe’s VP of Industry and State Affairs, Sandy Shtab, joined an educational webinar from IAIABC.

Mar 2022

State of the States

A roundup of regulatory activity around the country

Summer 2022

FDA Issues Warning for Dental Problems with Dissolvable Buprenorphine Products

Buprenorphine is an opioid used to treat pain, as well as opioid-use disorder.

Feb 2022

Classification Complications: Will Gig Workers Enter the Workers’ Comp Market?

Legislation could potentially reclassify gig workers as employees entitled to workers’ comp.

Feb 2022

FDA Fully Approves Moderna Vaccine & Expands Veklury’s Treatment Range

Drug advancements surrounding the prevention and treatment of COVID-19.

Feb 2022

Marijuana: States Move Forward Medically and Recreationally, But Oppose Reimbursement in Comp

Since the start of 2022, at least 10 states are considering some form of marijuana legislation.

Feb 2022

Claims Adjusters Are the Future Leaders of Workers’ Comp: How Can We Nurture Their Success?

Healthe’s Director of Product Management talks to Risk & Insurance on how to attract and retain talent in the workers’ comp industry.

Feb 2022

FDA Approves Yusimry as a Biosimilar to Humira

This autoimmune drug was approved for various arthritic and autoimmune diseases.

Jan 2022

The Top Priorities of the Workers’ Comp Industry for Future Resiliency

The initial results from a collaborative survey between Healthe and Risk & Insurance.®

Jan 2022

Additional Vaccine Candidate Performs Well in Clinical Trials

Phase 3 trials for NVX-CoV2373 across 30,000 people found this vaccine candidate to be safe and effective for the prevention of COVID-19.

Jan 2022

CDC Updates Isolation and Quarantine Period for COVID-19

New five-day rules are recommended, with variation depending upon vaccination status.

Jan 2022

The Great Resignation Continues to Impact Workforce Dynamics

The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that 4.5 million employees quit their jobs in November 2021.

Jan 2022

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