December 8, 2019

Questioning Costs: A Field Guide to Fee Schedules

There’s high demand to control ever-rising healthcare costs, and fees for professional services and medical equipment continue to climb. While drug prices may dominate headlines, stakeholders across the healthcare spectrum know that a multi-pronged approach that touches on other high-cost aspects of healthcare is necessary to reduce overall medical costs.

Costs for ancillary products and services do not face nearly as much scrutiny as drug prices, and it is important to remember that whenever healthcare costs are reduced in one line of service, stakeholders have historically found ways to make up for lost revenue elsewhere, making the unraveling of fee schedules more important than ever.

Learn how fee schedules are created, how payers can influence the rulemaking process, and how to understand when fee schedules are inappropriately adjusted for financial gain.

Read the full article online at RxInformer clinical journal.

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