January 8, 2021

Mobile Technology Is on Workers’ Comp Experts’ Minds: Here Are 3 Reasons They’re Right

In a recent survey conducted in partnership between Risk & Insurance® and Healthesystems, nearly 1 in 2 workers’ comp experts ranked mobile solutions as the most important technology impacting their organization in 2020.

Kristine Kennedy, SVP of Product Strategy and Innovation at Healthesystems, spoke to Risk & Insurance about how digital solutions can go a long way in improving the claims experience and outcomes.

Pulling insights from a Healthesystems 2020 research study specifically designed to understand more about the workers’ comp claims journey, pain points and opportunities to improve these pain points through digital and mobile solutions, Kennedy speaks to three opportunities for digital and mobile solutions to help improve the workers’ comp journey and outcomes, including:

  1. Outdated forms of communication, such as snail mail, cause delays in injury reporting and resultant claim complexity
  2. Current interactions often don’t match up with injured workers’ preferred channels, which are email and text on their smartphones
  3. Workers’ comp can take a page from the broader healthcare playbook, incorporating well-liked, well-utilized tools such as telehealth services and medication reminders

Read the article in full at Risk & Insurance.

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