February 8, 2019

Marijuana – What to Expect in 2019 and Beyond

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Risk & Insurance magazine recently conducted a video interview with Healthesystems’ Chief Medical Officer, Robert Goldberg, MD, FACOEM, and AVP of Advocacy & Compliance, Sandy Shtab, regarding the growing impact of medical marijuana from the public policy and healthcare perspectives – including workers’ compensation.

Marijuana’s growing support has unfolded a variety of complex and multifaceted considerations that impact care providers, payers, and patients. Risk & Insurance’s Roberto Ceniceros leads a provocative conversation focusing on:

  • The potential benefits and risks faced by workers’ compensation payers in reimbursing medical marijuana as a treatment for chronic pain
  • Current perspectives on marijuana as a partial solution to countering the negative outcomes associated with opioid use
  • Growing acceptance among physicians of marijuana as a viable treatment option
  • Employer concerns over workplace safety and impairment testing
  • Current and future roles of PBMs in helping payers to navigate the fast-changing medical marijuana landscape

Risk & Insurance’s coverage can be accessed here, with extended interview video content available on Healthesystems’ YouTube page.

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