September 8, 2018

Dr. Silvia Sacalis Discusses Polypharmacy with WC Magazine

Healthesystems’ VP of Clinical Services, Silvia Sacalis, PharmD, BS, was recently featured in WC Magazine, a quarterly news outlet that covers trends and topics related to the cost-effective resolution of workers’ compensation claims.

Dr. Sacalis penned an article that explores how polypharmacy – the simultaneous use of multiple drugs by an individual patient – can frequently be inappropriate and result in health concerns that delay functional improvement and return to work, in turn increasing claim costs.

The article examines how polypharmacy increases the odds of therapeutic duplication, high-risk drug combinations, and adverse drug effects, exploring how early intervention, increased communication between all the doctors involved in a claim and the patient, and drug reconciliation can counteract these concerns.

Read the article in full online at WC Magazine.

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