October 5, 2020

California COVID-19 Report

The California Workers’ Compensation Institute (CWCI) hosts a COVID-19 & Non-COVID Interactive App, which has been updated with claim data up through October 5, 2020.

A total 44,800 COVID-19 claims have been reported so far this year, while the current count for total claims is 409,579, meaning 11% of claims in California are tied to COVID-19. Approximately 12,909 COVID-19 claims have been denied, meaning 71.2% are accepted.

At this time, COVID-19 claims are trending down; July saw the highest number of reported COVID-19 claims at 13,251, falling to 5,597 in August, and then 1,961 in September. Projected claim estimates are slightly higher but match the downward trajectory.

Across industry, COVID-19 claims are primarily made up of:

  • Healthcare workers, who count for 16,177 claims, or 37.8%
  • Public (safety/government) roles, who count for 6,664 claims, or 15.6%
  • Retail workers, who count for 3,398 of -19 claims, or 7.9%
  • Manufacturing workers, who count for 3,274 claims, or 7.7%

Though Los Angeles County has the highest number of COVID-19 cases at 12,397 (27.9%), it had a low concentration of COVID-19 cases per 10,000 employees.

An interactive map of counties across California visualizes COVID-19 claims per 10,000 employees, with high concentrations found in Imperial County, Kings County, Lassen County, and Del Norte County.

Across age groups, COVID-19 claims are most concentrated in:

  • Ages 20-29 – 11,189 claims (25% of all COVID-19 claims)
  • Ages 30-39 – 12,128 claims (27.1% of all COVID-19 claims)
  • Ages 40-49 – 9,728 claims (21.7% of all COVID-19 claims)
  • Ages 50-59 – 12,128 claims (16.8% of all COVID-19 claims)

Across gender, women make up 22,577 COVID-19 claims, or 51.2%.

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