January 18, 2023

500 Workers’ Comp Stakeholder Identified Top 10 Industry Challenges

For the fifth consecutive year, Healthesystems conducted the annual Workers’ Comp Industry Insights Survey in collaboration with Risk and Insurance® Magazine. Survey data was gathered in-person from attendees at the National Comp conference in Las Vegas in October 2022, as well as online.

Healthesystems is currently analyzing the data in detail and will soon publish a full report, but in the meantime, Risk & Insurance has published an article on the preliminary findings.

The article explores ten quick takeaways including:

  • Health care provider or service shortages
  • Medical price inflation
  • Increasingly complex claims
  • Workers’ comp litigation
  • New workplace safety challenges
  • Comorbidities and poor worker health
  • Insurance industry labor shortage
  • Increasing regulation and expanding coverage requirements
  • Outdated technology and insufficient technology support
  • Cybersecurity risks

For more information, read the article in full at Risk & Insurance.

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