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As your new Pharmacy and/or Ancillary Benefits partner, we’re here to help facilitate appropriate care for your injured worker patients, while making your job as claims professionals easier.
We know you are on the front line of claims management, where quick thinking and decisive action are critical. And we are dedicated to supporting you with the tools and resources you need.

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On-Demand Support

24-Hour Customer Service

Contact us for questions and support with managing injured workers through our Verticē claims portal.
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Ask a Pharmacist

Part of our clinical concierge services for customers. For guidance on drug therapies, there are three easy ways to contact a Healthesystems clinical pharmacist.
866.646.2838DrugInformation@healthesystems.comSubmit a question online

Mail Order Pharmacy Program

Patients eligible for mail order pharmacy service enjoy the convenience of having medications delivered to their door from a network provider. Enrollment is quick and easy.
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Find a Network Pharmacy

Quickly and easily locate a network pharmacy near your claimant.
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24-Hour Customer Service

Contact us for questions and support with managing injured workers through our Verticē claims portal.

Healthesystems supports many ancillary products and services within our program.
Check with your company to understand which ones are covered under your specific program.

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Workers’ Comprehensive

Monthly work comp updates, industry trends and original content devoted to keeping you ahead of claims management concerns.

Regulatory Recap

Weekly coverage of workers’ comp legislation and policy updates covering both state and federal issues.

Rx Central Education Series

A series of brief guides on common pharmacy topics related to claims management. Download the following topics:



Physician Dispensing


Private-Label Topicals

Workers’ Comp Medication Guide

A quick-reference guide to the most commonly prescribed drugs in workers’ compensation

RxInformer Clinical Journal

Our award-winning publication provides analysis and insight on critical topics in workers’ compensation.

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Claims Q&A Series

A popular article series featured in our RxInformer clinical journal, in which our Healthesystems clinical pharmacists answer common questions from claims professionals.

Hyaluronic Acid Injections: What Is Their Place in Work Comp Claims?

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Rx Drugs of Abuse: Which Non-Opioid Drugs Present Concern?

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Polypharmacy: How Many Drugs Is Too Many?

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What Should Claims Professionals Know About Therapeutic Duplication?

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