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5 Tips to Help Workers’ Comp Payers Optimize IT Resources

The insurance sector is experiencing an IT talent shortage. How can workers’ comp payers optimize the IT resources they already have?
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Things Change: The Growing Diversity of Pharmacy Cost Drivers

Smaller, more niche drug trends across different populations and geographies
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2023 Industry Insights Survey Report

We surveyed 500+ workers’ comp professionals on the biggest industry disruptors and priorities
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Department of Health and Human Services Reveals Cannabis Rescheduling Findings

With many federal agencies in alignment, the ultimate decision rests with the DEA.

Feb 2024

FDA Issues Respective Warnings for Compounded and Counterfeit Semaglutide

The growing demand for this drug has led individuals to search for semaglutide from alternative sources.

Jan 2024

The Mind-Body Connection: Exploring the Relationship Between Injury and Mental Health

Injuries accompanied by mental health disorders can increase claim costs and delay recovery.

Jan 2024

Growing Shifts in Child Labor Laws

Many states passed or proposed changes in 2023, with two states so far working on bills for 2024.

Jan 2024

White House Pardons Simple Possession Charges for Marijuana

A recent proclamation applies to simple federal possession charges on or before December 22, 2023.

Jan 2024

PTSD Presumptions Could See More Action in 2024

As legislative sessions open, several states have continued to introduce PTSD bills.

Jan 2024

Emerging/Current Medical and Drug Trends

Healthe’s VP of Clinical Services, Silvia Sacalis, will co-present at the 20th Annual Workers’ Compensation Insurance ExecuSummit.

Jan 2024

This Year’s Top Insights in Workers’ Compensation Medical Management

As we enter 2024, let’s look at the top insights for workers’ comp managed care programs in 2023.

Jan 2024

FDA Warns of Rare Drug Interactions with Antiseizure Drugs

Hypersensitivity reactions may start as a rash but can quickly result in injury to internal organs.

Dec 2023

Beyond Opioids: Drugs of Concern in Workers’ Compensation

As opioid utilization decreases, other pharmacy trends bear watching.

Dec 2023

Comorbidities and Recovery After Physical Therapy for Low Back Pain

A new WCRI report utilizes data from 68,850 workers from 2017-2021.

Dec 2023

Bureau of Labor Statistics Reports on Workplace Injuries and Illnesses

Employers reported 2.8 million nonfatal workplace injuries and illnesses in 2022, an increase of 7.5% from 2021.

Dec 2023

White House Issues Executive Order on Artificial Intelligence

The order seeks increased transparency from AI companies regarding model operations, safety and privacy standards, and consumer/worker protections.

Dec 2023

Industry Wide Trends & Pharmacy Trends

Healthe expertise is featured in Risk & Insurance magazine, both on larger industry trends, and on evolving drug trends.

Dec 2023

FDA Approves New Formulation of Combogesic

The acetaminophen and ibuprofen combination was approved for IV use, and as an adjunct to opioid therapy for the treatment of pain.

Nov 2023

What Do I Need to Know About DME Trends?

A Healthesystems clinical expert tackles questions about Durable Medical Equipment (DME) trends.

Nov 2023

CDC Reports on Mental Health Struggles Amongst Healthcare Workers

Approximately 45.6% of health workers reported feeling burnout often or very often in 2022.

Nov 2023

California Bans Pre-Employment Marijuana Screening

Similar to a Washington law passed earlier this year, employees are not permitted to possess, to be impaired by, or to use cannabis on the job.

Nov 2023

FDA Warns of Risks with Compounded Ketamine Products

The ketamine molecule is not FDA-approved in any formulation for the treatment of psychiatric disorders.

Nov 2023

Healthe Leaders in the Media

Tate Rice and Silvia Sacalis share their respective expertise on key issues in physical therapy and pharmacy management.

Nov 2023

7 Potential Applications for Artificial Intelligence in Workers’ Comp Medical Programs

AI technology is advancing rapidly, with new applications being discovered every day for the medical aspects of claims and workers’ compensation claims management.

Oct 2023

3 Ways the Digital Experience Can Drive Meaningful Engagement for Injured Workers

Using technology such as mobile apps, we can help injured workers navigate the daunting workers’ comp system.

Oct 2023

New Depression Product and Diabetes Generic Approvals

Exuua was approved for major depressive disorder, while two diabetes medications receive generic approvals.

Oct 2023

The Real Promise of Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare and Workers’ Comp

Potential applications, benefits, pitfalls, questions, and the matter of regulation.

Oct 2023

Biomarkers in the Blood Could Lead to a Long COVID Test

After studying 273 blood samples, researchers could detect long COVID with 96% accuracy.

Oct 2023

California Enacts Skin Cancer Presumptions for First Responder and Other Occupations

This law also includes lifeguards, and certain employees in the Departments of Fish and Wildlife and Parks and Recreation.

Oct 2023

WCRI Reports on Changes in the Workforce

New insights into how economic and demographic changes have influenced the workers’ comp system.

Oct 2023

Harnessing the Injured Worker’s Influence on Claims Outcomes

Healthe’s VP of Clinical Services, Silvia Sacalis, will co-present this educational session at Florida PRIMA 2023.

Oct 2023

New National Substance Abuse Report

Binge drinking reached a historic high for adults aged 35-50 in 2022.

Sep 2023

Changing Minds? Unlocking the Potential of Psychedelics in Mental Health Therapy

Clinical research indicates the potential for strong mental health applications.

Sep 2023

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