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5 Tips to Help Workers’ Comp Payers Optimize IT Resources

The insurance sector is experiencing an IT talent shortage. How can workers’ comp payers optimize the IT resources they already have?
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Things Change: The Growing Diversity of Pharmacy Cost Drivers

Smaller, more niche drug trends across different populations and geographies
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2023 Industry Insights Survey Report

We surveyed 500+ workers’ comp professionals on the biggest industry disruptors and priorities
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Utilization of Opioid Use Disorder Medications

According to JAMA, only 22% of OUD patients received medication-assisted therapy.

Aug 2023

Missouri Enacts PTSD Presumption for First Responders

The national trend continues, in this case with qualifying events and the inclusion of 911 dispatchers.

Aug 2023

FDA Approves Second OTC Naloxone Nasal Spray for Opioid Overdose

RiVive will soon be available without a prescription for the treatment of known or suspected opioid overdose.

Aug 2023

Connect with Healthe at National Comp 2023!

Stop by our educational session or visit our booth for the latest issue of RxInformer magazine.

Aug 2023

FDA Publishes Guidance on Clinical Trials for Psychedelic Drugs

These guidelines advise researchers on study design and other considerations as they develop medications that contain psychedelics.

Jul 2023

A Moment of Clarity: Alcohol’s Impact Across Workers and Medical Management

How problematic alcohol use can impact the workplace, claims, and medication management.

Jul 2023

Medical Cannabis Makes Little Impact on Pain Management in Group Health

A new study uses data from 583,000 group health patients with chronic noncancer pain.

Jul 2023

Connecticut Passes PTSD Presumption for All Employees

Employees who experience a qualifying traumatic event on the job can receive PTSD coverage via workers’ comp.

Jul 2023

Spotlight on Healthesystems Pharmacists

Jeanette Connelly was named President of the Florida Pharmacy Association, and Silvia Sacalis was featured in a video spotlight by Business Insurance.

Jul 2023

Brixadi Approved for Opioid Use Disorder

A new buprenorphine injection will be available for weekly or monthly dosages, administered by providers.

Jun 2023

More Than Skin Deep: Untangling Topical Drug Classes and Costs

An infographic breakdown of the diverse drug categories that comprise dermatological prescribing and spend.

Jun 2023

Low-Volume, High Cost Medications in California

A new report from the CWCI highlights trends in dermatologicals, opioids, and antidepressants.

Jun 2023

FDA Approves New Drug for Opioid Overdose Reversal

Opvee is a nalmefene hydrochloride nasal spray – a new option available for the reversal of opioid overdose.

Jun 2023

How Inflation is Affecting Home Healthcare and Transportation

Healthe’s VP, Program Performance and Analytics, Cliff James, shares his thoughts on how inflation is impacting these two sectors of care.

Jun 2023

Healthesystems Clinical Pharmacist Receives IAIABC NextGen Award

Amanda Waltemath has been recognized as a talented young professional making a positive impact in workers’ comp.

Jun 2023

Industry Update: How Inflation Is Affecting Home Healthcare

As inflation rates rise, home healthcare is in demand – yet home caregivers are in short supply.

Jun 2023

Industry Update: How Inflation Is Affecting Medical Transportation

Inflation is on the rise. What impact does it have on transportation in workers’ comp?

May 2023

Drug Recalls for Pain Medications

Teva is recalling certain lots of fentanyl buccal tablets, while Family Dollar is recalling Advil that was not kept at proper temperature.

May 2023

Unpredictable Costs: How Will Healthcare Price Inflation Impact Workers’ Comp?

Rising prices for healthcare products and services may impact workers' comp medical care.

May 2023

FDA to Update Prescribing Information for All Opioid Pain Medications

Changes to boxed warnings, indications and usage, dosage and administration, and more.

May 2023

CDC Publishes Chronic Pain Report

Approximately 21% of adults experienced chronic pain in 2021, with greater prevalence among certain demographics.

May 2023

Washington State Bans Pre-Employment Cannabis Screening

As other states come closer to recreational legalization, Washington State pushes the needle further.

May 2023

Harnessing the Injured Worker’s Influence on Claims Outcomes

Healthe’s VP of Clinical Services, Silvia Sacalis, will co-present this educational session at PRIMA 2023.

May 2023

FDA Approves First Over-the-Counter Naloxone Nasal Spray

Patients will no longer need a prescription for this opioid overdose antidote.

Apr 2023

Build Your Army: Maintaining Cybersecurity Amid the IT Talent Gap

A sneak peek into our RISKWORLD 2023 session content focused on cybersecurity strategies in an evolving risk landscape.

Apr 2023

WCRI Publishes Study on Formulary Impacts

How formularies impacted prescriptions across Arkansas, California, Indiana, Kentucky and New York.

Apr 2023

Marijuana Reimbursement Initiatives See Signs of Life

Three states have introduced bills or seen court cases overturned in relation to this policy.

Apr 2023

Emerging Trends in Pharmacy and the Impact of Polypharmacy

Healthe’s VP of Clinical Services, Silvia Sacalis, will co-present this educational session at IRSG 2023.

Apr 2023

Risky Business: Evolving Risks Across Workers’ Comp

A message from the Chief Executive Officer

Summer 2023

Fifth Annual Industry Insights Survey Reveals Evolving Needs in Workers’ Comp

Explore the top five major findings from this year’s Workers’ Comp Industry Insights Survey.

Apr 2023

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