Summer 2022

This edition of RxInformer explores priorities identified by industry stakeholders in Healthesystems' 2022 Workers' Comp Industry Insights Survey Report.

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State of the States

A roundup of regulatory activity around the country

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Workplace Trends

The Cannabis Question: Marijuana and Workplace Safety?

With greater legalization and public approval, the question of safety grows more important.

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Out of Stock: Medical Supply Chain Shortages Impacting Workers’ Comp

Ancillary medical product and service shortages and how to manage them.

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Claim Complexities

Social Influencers: The Role of Social Determinants of Health in Injured Worker Recovery

Gaining visibility into Social Determinants of Health that intersect with workplace injury and recovery

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Workplace Trends

Giving Notice: How Workforce Attrition Impacts Workers’ Comp

Millions of workers are changing occupations, leading to ripple effects for comp.

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Workplace Trends

In Harm’s Way: The Impact of Violence in Workers’ Comp

Types of violence that can impact workers’ comp

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Moving Past the Pandemic: Setting a Future Focus

A message from the Chief Executive Officer

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Since 2010, the semi-annual RxInformer clinical journal has been a trusted source of timely information and guidance for workers’ comp payers on how best to manage the care of injured worker claimants and plan for the challenges that lay ahead. The publication is an important part of Healthesystems’ proactive approach to advocating for quality care of injured workers while managing the costs associated with treatment.