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Winter 2022-23

This edition of RxInformer focuses on the growing number of complex challenges – both existing and new – that impact workers’ comp in a variety of ways.

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Infographic: Uncommon Ground

See how perceptions of workers' comp pros and injured workers don't always align

Top Challenges

What do you see as the biggest challenge for your workers’ comp program in 2019 and beyond?

Major Trends

What industry trend do you think will have the biggest impact on your workers’ comp program in the next year?

Program Priorities

Rank the below items in order of priority for your organization’s workers’ comp program.

Program Successes

What workers’ comp program has your organization implemented that you’re finding the most success with?

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Since 2010, the semi-annual RxInformer clinical journal has been a trusted source of timely information and guidance for workers’ comp payers on how best to manage the care of injured worker claimants and plan for the challenges that lay ahead. The publication is an important part of Healthesystems’ proactive approach to advocating for quality care of injured workers while managing the costs associated with treatment.