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Reality Check: New FDA Initiatives Re-Examine Opioid Policies

The FDA acknowledges the need to shift opioid policies as overdose rates continue to rise

Claims Q&A: RX Drugs of Abuse: Which Non-Opioid Drugs Present Concern?

Our clinicians answer common questions from claims professionals

Infographic: Medication Multiplication

How opioid side effects can cascade across the body

Future Opioids and the Injured Worker: Why “SAFER” is a Relative Term

More than ever these statistics crystalize the need to explore and develop alternative chronic pain therapies

Under the Influence: Impacting Opioid Prescribing Behaviors

Analyzing opioid prescribing trends associated with different medical specialties.

How Off-Label Prescribing Drives a Claim Off Course

Off-label prescribing, or the prescribing of drug therapies outside their approved use, occurs commonly with certain medications in workers’ comp

Bridging the Gap Between Opioid Policy and Prescribing

State and federal governments have taken legislative action to reduce the harm caused by the opioid epidemic

Polypharmacy: How Many Drugs is Too Many?

A claims professional noted that a patient’s drug regimen included 11 medications, raising serious concerns.

Myth Busters: Private-Label Topicals Edition

Private-label topical (PLT) analgesics are independently manufactured lotions and creams that are increasingly being prescribed to patients for the temporary relief of minor pain associated with injury.

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